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There is a saying that rings true about the military – the military knows how to take care of its own. Having served your country with the highest degree of honor, it is only fitting that the state should show you its appreciation by financially cushioning your sunset years. My Pay and Benefits is the embodiment of this spirit of altruism.

Before delving in to the how one can basically sign up for this program, it is imperative that a brief definition of my Pay and Benefits is given below, here goes: My Pay and Benefits is an online portal that is basically designed to allow military personnel check on their incomes online. Military pay is basically divided into three categories; BAH or referred to as basic allowance for housing, basic pay and (BAS) basic allowance for subsistence, the rates vary depending on the marital status of the individual with married members getting a higher rate. In addition to these three components of military pay one can also be a recipient of a number of military allowances –dislocation allowance, a clothing allowance, special and incentive pay and so on. My pay – the online military resource – brings all this information to your computer minus all the paper work or bureaucratic headaches involved when trying to access a profile of your finances in the military.

A Guideline:

  • First log on to the official website of this military resource at
  • The account access section of the website is on the lefts side of the page – the blue section– click on the ‘create’ an account link. There is no excessive labor involved herein for all you need to come onboard is to offer your social security number.
  • There is a criteria that goes with creating the password – your password has to contain some alpha, numeric, as well as alphabetic characters. Once you understand the criteria of the password, you will be required to enter it for a second time and once you have done so the login ID and password that you have created will be confirmed.
  • The next step involves you confirming your email address, click on the accept/ submit button and this will bring to a close your account opening exercise.

This sort of arrangement basically means that you essentially have the means to manage all aspects of your account. The key point to remember when dealing with this online portal is that you drastically cut down on the headaches that come with bureaucratic red tape and lining up.

Essential My Pay Online Tools:

This online portal –my pay- has online tools such as calculators that break down to how the rates on your pay and benefits work out differently for both single and married members of the disciplined forces. Similarly, this online portal basically computes the section of your wages that are accruing towards building up of your pension. Mull over the advantages that going online has to offer and do the responsible thing by signing up on this online portal.

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