Participate In AMC Theatres Guest Satisfaction Survey

The cinemas are one of the most favourite attractions of the modern era and the biggest most amazing chain of theatres and cinema is now spread all across the United States. AMC is one of the four major national cinemas in the United States and about the second Largest theatre chain in the North America. AMC has also been known as the American Multi- Cinema and it has more than 5300 movie theatres across the country.

Why Is The Administration Of The AMC Theatre Conducting Surveys?

The administration of the AMC is conducting survey because they want to find out their ratings from the eyes of their valued customers. They want to know that how much their customers enjoy the movie experience they have while watching in the AMC theatres and what other changes they will like to have in the environment of the AMC. That is why to know and improve their system the AMC is conducting the survey.

What Is The Reward To Participate In The AMC Survey?

To attract more and more customers to take part in the survey the AMC have placed a prize for those who have taken the survey. At the end of the survey you will win a free order of popcorn at the AMC.

What Is The Method To Take Part In The AMC Guest Satisfaction Survey?


1-      You must have a computer with an internet access.

2-      You must have received an invitation from the AMC to take part in the survey in the form of a postcard or on your ticket.

3-      You will need to have ten minutes as the survey will finish in about ten minutes.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the AMC theatres Guest Satisfaction Survey website.

2-      Click on the way by which you got the survey invitation i.e. by postcard or by ticket.

3-      Enter the number of the theatre unit printed on your postcard or ticket invitation.

4-      If your theatre number is less than four digits then add the zeros to the front of the number and make it a four digit number and then enter it into the required field.

5-      Enter the survey number printed on your postcard invitation or ticket invitation.

6-      Enter the date of your visit which will also be mentioned in the ticket or the postcard.

7-      Once you have entered all the details then click on the option marked as “Start”.

8-      Answer the survey questions with your true opinion based on the experience you has at the AMC theatre you last visited.

9-      Once you have answered the questions of the survey now follow the instructions to get your free bag.

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