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One of Northern Ireland’s largest retails stores – Argos- is conducting an online survey to gauge the satisfaction levels of its employees. The survey; tell Argos online survey  has been running for the better part of the year and draws to a close on the last day of the year.

Figures And Facts:

Some interesting figures that are bandied about whenever Argos is mentioned are listed below – the entity has a work force/ labor force that is some 33,000 strong; the entity has some 700 retail stores that are spread out over the UK; this Northern Ireland brand that estimates that its client base stands at some 130 million strong individuals uses a multi channel approach to hawk its products.  The multi channel approach that is being referred to here is the use of the physical vendor as well as the use of the internet (online world) that is targeted at online clients. It is to be noted that online sales account for almost a quarter of the sales that Argos was able to close in the last financial year.

Guideline On How To Be A Part Of This:

This Northern Ireland brand wants to gauge the levels of satisfaction that clients have with matters regarding service delivery and towards this end the entity is running an Argos online survey. The specifics on how you can go about enlisting for this service are given below:

  • Foremost, ensure that you click on the following log-, that is your first port of call;
  • There is a menu that when clicked displays all the Argos store in the United Kingdom, click on this store selector and select your store;
  • Click on the next button that is at the bottom of the page, this takes you through a screening process – here you will be sieved with questions that touch on whether you are a customer, when your purchase was made, and the transaction number of your cash receipt;
  • Click on the next button and you are ushered into the list of questionnaires – the questionnaire asks you a series of questions that will have to be rated from one to five ( a one star rating being on the low end of the scale whilst a five star rating being the highest rating that you can give);
  • When you have finished the questionnaire, click on the save button and the data is saved. With this action, you bring the survey to the end and you put yourself in a position to be drawn in the sweepstake draw.


Argos is a one of the entities that are in the holding company known as Home Retail Group. When you shop at Argos, you can take advantage of the myriad of offers that are levied by the company- trade in services, redemption of gift cards, free home shipping for online orders, et al.  Take part in the survey and ensure that you play a part in firming up the quality of these services, and that you stand yourself in a good position to win the $ 1,000 prize offer.

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