Benfield Pet Hospital’s Survey Acquiring Your Suggestions

Around the world there are many people who like and love to have pets at their homes. When their pet got some disease, it worries them and forces them to move to any of the veterinary hospital where they could get good services. The best veterinary hospital in United States is this, you are welcomed in fine way and a great care is given to your pets. In case if you are not satisfied with the services then you have a chance to inform the hospital management. It is through a very easy process that is called survey. Survey is a type of form on which few questions about the services and the staff are given which you have the freedom to answer anything. If you have any complain then you must take it.

For the convenience of the customers, hospital’s authority has launched this questionnaire of their survey website.


  • The website where the questionnaire is available is .
  • At the very first page some blanks are given to be filled with the survey code that is printed on invoice you got at the time of visit.
  • You will be asked the time and date of your visit, give it correctly so you could be recognized.
  • On the next step you will be given the form of questions, briefly read all of them and then answer the questions as its answers are required.
  • Your answers must be accurate and exact so that the hospital may make any solution to your problem.
  • At the end give your information either personal or contact information so you could get notification of your prize.
  • When you have finished the entire questionnaire and entered your information then submit your survey.


To have the quick and simple way to take the survey is through internet and here you need 10 to 15 minutes to complete your survey. You are not restricted for any comment or feedback. Your feedback is considered and you may get the problem removed next time when you visit it.

About Company:

A Portland based veterinary hospital is well known by the name Banfield Pet hospital. Their clinics are working through out the world at various locations. Scott Campbell and John Payne was the creators of this hospital and the date of its creation is 1995.

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