Tell Boston Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

About Company

It is one of the Canadian based chains of restaurant which was established in yr 1964 and accommodates round about 40 million guests in a year with its tons of items say 100 items on a single menu. In Canada only the company manages to run and own round about 340 restaurants of pizza. Moreover there are many others in the different locations of Mexico as well as U.S.

About Survey

Firstly you need to be aware that what is this Boston pizza guest satisfaction survey? It is a sort of online questionnaire which is actually made and designed so that they are able to gather all the feedbacks from their customers about their experience in dining at the Boston pizza. If you have a receipt of Boston pizza you got recently then you have the opportunity to participate in the survey, where you would be able to share what impression you got about their food as well as services. Your opinions and suggestions will surely be considered in order to fulfill your demands in future. It is way too easy to take the survey and you are able to complete it in a few minutes.

In return for your this service and efforts the company provides you with the 10 chances in order to win US $1,000 cash and moreover a chance to win an ipod.

Step By Step Guide


1-      Firstly you need to have a computer to start the process but surely with the internet connection.

2-      A Boston pizza receipt if you have recently been there.

Instructions With Detail:

1-      You are required to visit the

2-      Then you are required to choose the language in which you are willing to take the survey say French or English.

3-      Then you are required to enter some of the details such as server name, store number, transaction number, and amount in total and moreover the date on which you visited that is on your receipt. After adding all these details you need to hit the button of “Enter”.

4-      Then you need to follow the instructions in order to ask all those questions related to your dining experience and then you need to submit your survey.

5-      Once you are done with your survey then you will get 10 chances to win the prizes mentioned above.

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