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With the help of online surveys you can easily express your opinions towards any company. You can openly tell them about their positive and negative aspects. While telling them about the services of their company you must not at all feel that they will mind your answers. It is your utmost duty to give honest answers to them and the company waits for such replies. You can now tell Company about the services they offer quite easily. For telling them, you need to go at their survey website and complete the whole process.


  • Through the help of your web browser, open the following web page by typing its address in the address bar i.e. www.tellcarrabbas.com .
  • Type the eighteen digit survey code you received from them in the respective box. Make sure that you enter it correctly with the same space as mentioned.
  • Give them your receipt number so that they can know all the details regarding your visit. When you will provide them the number, they will get complete detail regarding how much money you spent and the date on which you visited them.
  • They will also come to know the exact timings of your visit.
  • Press ‘enter’ button after providing these details and you will be taken towards another page.
  • Answer all the questions that will appear in the coming page.
  • You can give proper answers or you can even give rating in front of each question.
  • Give them your full personal and contact information. By this way they will keep you aware of all their new deals and offers.
  • After giving all the details and completing all steps, you need to click the Finish button.


By giving your honest reviews to this company you can fulfill your duty as being their customer. They highly appreciate the time and efforts given by you. After getting your replies, they will surely get back to you for updating about their new services.

About Company:

Thisis an American restaurant chain which provides Italian American cuisine to its customers. John Charles Carrabba and Damian Mandola are the founders of this restaurant chain which was founded in the on December 26, 1986. According to the report of 2011, they have 232 numbers of locations. They offer pizza, pasta and chicken food to their customers.

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