Win $1000 Cash Prize In Canadian Tire Survey

Canadian Tire offers a survey that helps customers in many ways. The cooperation of customers is rewarded by giving them a chance to win $1000 cash and more. The survey not only helps customers improve the offers and standard of the store and products but also helps the brand reach the top in no time at all. Comments and feedback can be left in the space given in the site so that the other people could come to know of the standard of the brand. Mostly the feedback is kept hidden and the opinions are kept safe. The progress level is increased and made rapid when the comments and opinions are given because most of the time the mistakes are not properly noticed and they are pointed out only when the customers complain.

About Survey

The survey ensures that the customers get rewarded and the result of the survey helps the officials estimate the possible satisfaction the customers get when they purchase from the store. The quality of the goods purchased has to satisfy the customers no matter what which is why special care is given to the production of items and the feedback from the customers is given equal importance. The items sold have to be of good quality and should not spoil the standard and repo of the brand and store. Biased opinions have to be avoided and such suggestions should not be given.


The items and things needed to take the survey are simple.

  1. There has to be internet access and receipt the customer got after buying goods from the store. The information on the slip helps the customer initiate the survey process and it is initiated online without any difficulty.
  2. It is easy to take and is taken within a few minutes.

Step By Step Guide

  1. The online survey is taken when the customer enters the site ( of the store
  2. The information is gathered and the information of the slip is entered there. The information includes the date of purchase as well as the time of purchase including the total purchase amount.
  3. After this the questions of the survey appear which have to be answered keeping in mind the dealings encountered at the store. The time spent at the store has to be recalled for solving the questions.
  4. After this the comments or feedback could be left in the space so that the issues faced by common customers are addressed.
  5. “finish” here . The customer enters the lottery by entering personal information for $1,000 cash and an iPod prize.

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