Win $1000/iPod In Canadian Tire Survey – Win $1000/iPod In Canadian Tire Survey

Do you have a recent receipt from Canadian store?  Are you a regular shopper at Canadian Tire? Do you plan to shop at Canadian Tire store any time soon? There are a number of combinations that can possibly be cobbled to get a better picture of potential clients of this entity, and there is an important reason for all this, this is touched upon below.

Canada Tire is conducting a survey that will try and analyze the satisfaction that clients have with the services that are offered by the retailer. The survey, that takes less than ten minutes of your time, puts you in a position to win an i-pod plus 10 chances to win $ 1,000. This offers / rewards stand daily, but before you get giddy with excitement there is one thing that you have to do – you must register for the survey. The road that you will need to travel to register for this survey is given in some detail in the paragraph below:

Guidelines :

  • The process begins when you log on to the following link-
  • This portal will usher you into the online platform where the details of the survey are put down – the details  that are being discussed here are the time when the purchase was made, the total amount of cash that has been spent in a particular store, and the serial number receipt ID ;
  • It is important to note that these details simply act as a key to offer you a platform of the review that you are about to make. Consequently, when you have keyed in the details above, press the enter button and give your views on the quality of service that is being offered at Canadian Tire.

There is a win-win situation that is generated for both client as well as the vendor. On one hand the vendor gets to put his ears on the ground and hear the pulse of the business, the result of this is that in so far as matters regarding quality are concerned, things could only get better. For the client on the other hand he/she stands to benefit in the sense that they get to vent any possible frustrations that they might possibly have with the quality with service, and secondly they are in line to benefit from a myriad of goodies that are available to those who participate in this survey.


The long and short of the matter in the customer services is the life blood of any business, Canadian Tire fully subscribes to the concept that the client is king and consequently the entity has gone all out to ensure that any concern that clients have with their product or service is addressed.  Kindly, take part in the survey and besides standing to gain handsomely from the rewards that are offered here you also give some input into the quality of service that you stand to gain at some future date.  Mull over the idea.

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