Tell Dunkin’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dunkin donuts has become a household name for Coffee and doughnut retail. Since its inception in 1950 Dunkin Donuts is providing its customers a delightful and vast range of doughnuts and coffee through its wide setup of outlets throughout United States of America. The business has also flourished globally and has existence in many developing nations of the world including India and Pakistan in the sub-continent.

About Tel Dunkin’

If you have a sweet tooth when it comes to food and have recently grabbed a bite at any of the Dunkin Donuts outlets across US and have issues with their value proposition then you can help the company improve its products quality and customer service.

If you are a happy and frequent visitor at Dunkin Donuts and would like to redeem your dining coupon for a free donut at your next visit, we recommend that you participate in Tell Dunkin Donut Survey.

Survey Usage

Tell Dunkin Donuts survey is a means for Dunkin Donuts to get to know what makes its customers happier. Keeping in view the increasing importance of customers in services oriented food and beverages sector Dunkin Donut has put up a carefully designed set of questions at its .

This is not in any way going to get numbers for the company’s promotional campaigns. Customers purchases are redeemed for feedback and not for the preferred choice of answers.


This survey is for all those customers who have;

  1. Shopped at any of the dunk in donuts shops in any state of USA.
  2. Can understand, speaks and write English and/ or Spanish Language.
  3. Have access to the internet.
  4. Possess a purchase receipt in good shape and six digit store number is legibly written on it and a printed survey invitation for Tell Dunkin Survey.

Step Wise Guide

Tell Dunkin Doughnuts Survey is formatted in a user friendly way. The questions are straight forward and easy. There will be no personal questions involved. To be honest it is just like a multiple choice questionnaire that all of us have filled at any level of schooling; except this one does not require memorizing anything. Just follow the easy steps below and give your response

  1. Log on to the website
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Enter the six digit Code number on the coupon to identify the store you made the purchase from.
  4. Click start to fill out our survey.
  5. Carefully read the questions at the screen. Feel free to provide truthful response.
  6. If the connection falters you may reenter the code and restart the process from step 1 again.
  7. Record the validation code at your screen at the end of session.
  8. Redeem your validation code for a free Donut at next visit to Dunkin Donut.


“Tell Dunkin Donuts” customer feedback form is a set of carefully selected easy questionnaires that identifies areas of improvement. The company provides redemption offers for free purchase on next visit to the store. The process is hence, equally rewarding for the customers.

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