Hooters Survey Is Giving $1000 Prize To Its Customers

When people come back from any of their favorite store chain, they can take part in their customer satisfaction survey. By taking part in this type of survey, people can easily tell the respective company about the quality of products and services they offer. It is the best way to tell them in a very proper manner if you dislike any of their items. Even you can appreciate their work and employees through the help of these surveys. As a reward companies like it give you chance of winning $ 1000 from them after taking part in their survey.


  • When you have gained access to the internet open the relevant website for filling their customer satisfaction survey which is www.tellhooters.com .
  • Choose the preferred language in which you want to fill the whole survey.
  • Tell them the receipt number and also the store location.
  • Enter the 14 digit code of survey which you received from them when you visited their store.
  • After providing the above all information you have to click the ‘arrow’  symbol.
  • They will provide you a list of questions which you need to answer. Tell them how you felt when you visited their store. Did they provide quality services?
  • Give the rating regarding each of the things they ask in front of it.
  • If you want to give any idea or suggestion to them you can write it in the end in their comment box.
  • Give your complete contact information to them and also your first and last name for winning $ 1000.
  • Make sure the information you provide them is a valid and correct one. After fulfilling all these steps submit your survey.


Through taking part is customer satisfaction survey you can improve the quality of their store. It is through your honest comments and answers that they will try to come up to your expectations. Make sure that you prove to be one of their loyal customers.

About Company:

Hooter is a private food service company develop din the year 1983. Headquarter of the company is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. They have over 455 locations spread around in different areas. Their famous products include burgers, chicken wings, sea food and full bar.

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