Take McAlister’s Survey And Get Great Discount

Companies design different types of surveys for the benefit of their customers as well as for the benefit of their own company. It is only through the help of these surveys that companies get an idea about the satisfaction level of their customers. Without this way, there is not any other proper way through which they can come to know about the responses of people.     Survey can easily be filled out by any of the customer as it has been designed in a very easy and simple manner. Before starting their survey, you must have their receipt with you.


  • Visit www.tellmcalisters.com  to take part in their survey. Before typing this address of their survey in your address bar, make sure that you are connected to high speed internet connection.
  • Enter the survey code in the relevant field.
  • They will ask the number of receipt from you.
  • Also tell them the store location by giving them the store number which will be written on your receipt.
  • Click the ‘start’ button once you have confirmed that you are one of their customers.
  • Answer each question accordingly as it appears.
  • You will get choice whether to give answer in the box by typing or by choosing answers and then ticking the one of your choice.
  • When your survey gets complete you will get a code from them. Write it on your receipt and take it at any of their restaurant chain. They will provide you great discount.


By taking part in this survey you can get many discount offers. They will allow you to buy their food items on very low rate. Through their survey, you get full chance of expressing each and everything to them. They will never get offended rather they welcome all such comments and opinions from your side.

About Company:

McAlister’s is a restaurant chain which was founded in 1989 in Oxford Mississippi. This restaurant deals with the fast food items mainly. Headquarter is located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Their success rate and popularity among people is very high. Within twenty three states they have three hundred locations. Their ‘sweet tea’ is very much popular and it is known as one of their specialty. It is basically a private company and provides quality items to their customers.

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