Get $10 Coupon Or $1000 Cash By Taking Tell RadioShack Survey

If you have recently paid visit to the RadioShack store, and luckily bought items, it is time you realize that they are giving away $10 coupon and an opportunity for you to get into $1000 monthly lottery. Buying items from the store has always been fun but realizing the fact that more advantages could be taken up just by purchasing your favorite stuff from the store makes the customer even happier. It is time that customers are given bonus points for purchasing items from RadioShack and so they could earn more than just $10 coupon, they could enter sweepstakes that are worth $1000. All the customers have to do is take the survey they have put forth and enter the lottery to win more than just items that they give away.

Mp3 players, laptops and many more electronic items are available at the stores and just by buying any single item you could get the item required for taking up the survey, the receipt. The receipt would most probably have a survey invitation and if that is the case, then you could easily go to the website of the store and check out the related information that is displayed there. Not only that, the site will give a chance to all the customers to take the survey there and enter the lottery to win $1000 gift cards every month. Unlike other surveys, the survey they have launched is easy to take, less complicated and most importantly it it’s not time consuming at all. The customer can take the survey within a few seconds and get a chance to win more than just a $10 coupon.

Step By Step Guide

The process of taking the survey is simple and quick.

  1. The website of the store has to be visited @
  2. After opening the site, the information has to be read and language has to be selected.
  3. You will be asked to insert store number, ticket number as well as date of purchase, time of purchase including total purchase amount.
  4. Next step will allow the survey taker to know about the rules of taking the survey
  5. A list of questions will appear that will help them solve it according to the experience they had while they were at the store purchasing items.
  6. You could also leave feedback there.
  7. You will earn $10 coupon and this will help them save $40 dollars or more in the next purchase. You also enter the lottery in this way.

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