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Collection of questions in a form is called survey and it is taken by many of the companies and you can easily convey your message to the company you are taking the survey of. The company arranges this survey for their customers so that they could get the feedbacks of their customers about their company and the services they are providing.

If you want to see anything improved in the products or services of a specific company then you must take their survey. If you are customer of this salon then you must take the survey they have arranged for their customers. Customers are free to comment anything, there is no restriction for this and so they can easily tell the company that which of their staff member is not working well and which one is doing well. This is easy to take the survey over their website.

Online survey is the easiest way to take the survey as you need to tick the answers of few questions and all is done with in no time.


  • To take the online survey visit the given website www.Tellsportclips.com .
  • Here you are given a field to enter your survey code that contains total 5 digits.
  • Enter the number of your stylist in the given field.
  • Press the button “next” to get the questionnaire.
  • Answer all the questions honestly as it is important in the progress of a company.
  • If you want to search the nearest haircut store of the following brand then visit the following link www.sportclips.com/store-locator.html .


Surveys provide a chance to speak about a company’s performance and quality of their products as well as services. If you are not satisfied by any of their service then you can tell this through this survey. It contains questions about the working of their staff and other products.

About Company:

In 1993 a haircut salon was founded by the name sports clips where all the services are given to the males. It has highly qualified hair stylist at its stores and they provide their best services to their customers. The motto on which the store works is “it’s good to be a guy” and they provide their best to the customers.

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