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As Fred Luca decided to finance his medical degree by opening a submarine sandwich shop nobody knew it was the beginning of a revolution in the food retailing industry.  The first shop inaugurated in 1965 in partnership with his friend doctor Peter Buck, with an initial goal of 10 stores opened in the coming ten years. Submarine is the world’s largest fast food chain having a

About Tel Subway Survey

Tell Subway survey is a unique way of telling customers that their opinions and suggestions are valued by us. Although the company has come so far through changing times its core values are still the same. Moving forward through expansion into newer locations it is committed with adherence to its mission of serving well-made, high quality food with excellent customer service while keeping operating costs low.

Participate In Tel Subway Survey

Anyone who has eaten at any of the Subway outlet who can

  1. Have access to internet and a personal email account.
  2. Can speak read and write English

Step Wise Guide To Tell Subway Survey

  1. Login to the website of Tell Subway and enter the relevant section.
  2. Provide store ID on your receipt and keep the receipt.
  3. Hold onto your receipt does not throw away the receipt yet and start answering the questions.
  4. Provide your email at the company will send you the redemption coupon code at this email.
  5. Login your email account. Check for “thank you” email from Dunkin customer support team in the inbox. If you don’t find it there search the junk box or follow Step 6.
  6. Enter the FAQ area on tell survey website. Follow the link “Click Here” .The customer service will send you a copy of your email.
  7. Write down the coupon number from our email into the space provided on your purchase receipt.
  8. Use the coupon for a free cookie at your next visit to Subway and enjoy.
  9. If you want to participate again in the survey wait for 24 hours from the time you finished your last survey.

No one can deny the nutritional value of food. Fast food restaurants are becoming a essential element of modern day living. We all need a quick bite in a busy day. Our children are getting more and more accustomed to busy life. Subway is committed to add nutrition to fast food concept. Its survey is a means to get information and useful tips on how better to do that. So taking a few minutes off your schedule gives you a chance to contribute towards the good of the society at large.

Tell Subway surveys are easy to fill and fun to respond to. It is short and needs just a few minutes. The prices are simple and easy even for kids. It never hurts to provide a few words of wisdom and it surely is a delight to share experience when it’s equally rewarding. Who wouldn’t want a free bite of their favorite cookie every time they visit?

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