Get $1000 Cash In Punch Pubs Experience Survey

If you love the pub culture, then this article is specifically tailored for you. Punch Pubs, arguably the largest pub brand in the world, is conducting a survey to improve services to its most reliable customers. Punch Taverns – the full name of Punch Pubs – will enlist those who take part in this survey in a ruffle where those who participate stand to gain $ 1,000.

A Picture Of Punch Taverns:

Punch Taverns has in excess of one thousand pubs that are spread out across the United Kingdom. The UK’s largest drinking brand has in excess of 6,000 pubs spread out throughout the UK. The entity is listed on the London Stock Exchange and with such stellar credentials it is little wonder that customer service is a strong point to the staying power of this brand- staying power or the need to keep abreast of customer demands is best exemplified by the running of a survey to gauge customer satisfaction. It is with this in mind that Tavern pubs or Punch pubs is running a customer experience survey; the guidelines on how this process operates are listed below:

  • Your first port of call should be the Punch pubs Guest experience survey website – – this is the portal via which the customer survey is being conducted;
  • You will need to enter the four digit code that is on your cash receipt on the invite code, and then click the next button;
  • This process leads you to a series of questions that you will need to fill out on the questionnaire, ensure that you fill out all the questions therein. When you are through, simply press the save button and the data will be saved – this represents the end of the process.

There are a number of rules that govern this entire process- for one you must be over 18 years of age; similarly, you have to ensure that you at the very least visit one of the Punch Taverns in your local area where you can get your ticket and thus your code; lastly, ensure that you give your e-mail address for this is the platform where you get to be contacted on, and lastly remember that the more times that you take part in the draw, the greater the chances of  you chalking up a win.

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