Citi Thankyou Rewards Program SignUp & Login Guide

CitiBank is head quartered in New York and is an arm of the gigantous Citigroup of financial services in consumer banking. It offers standard bank transactions, insurances, ccredit and debit cards along with investment products and online services. It was founded in 1812 and it is the third largest bank of the world when it comes to assets and is having its retail operations in more than 100 countries along with territories all around the world but more than half of its offices are present in the United States and their number has reached to 1400.They are majorly present in the cities of Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami and San Francisco Bay Area and increasing its operations in Boston, Houston, Dallas, some metropolitan areas and Philadelphia

About Rewards Program

Citi Bank now gives a chance to you to redeem rewards and earn points just by doing what you already do after getting enrolled as they have initiated their Thank You Rewards Program. The program is launched as a greeting and thank you for the Citi Bank’s customers especially those who are the most trusted and permanent old customers and clients who are the cause of their achievements and success. Earning the points from the ThankYou program is very simple and easy and the user doesn’t has to do anything special but to performs your daily tasks on your online bank account and then you can redeem these points for rewards and prizes.

Step By Step Guide


1-      You need to have a computer with an internet access.

2-      You must be a client of the Citi Bank.

3-      You must be having your Citi Bank online Account.

4-      You need to be a member of ThankYou Rewards Program.


1-      Create you online account at the Citi Bank by visiting its website and providing all the information it requires.

2-      If you are having an account then you will be enrolled in the program automatically.

3-      Now visit the ThankYou Rewards website once you get the membership confirmation.

4-      Now set up all the requirements of your manage your rewards account and then click on the link which has been labeled as “Setup a User Name”. The option will be present at the top of the page.

5-      Select the method by which you became the ThankYou Rewards member from the list provided to you.

6-      Once you have selected the method then click on the option which is present at the bottom of the page labeled as “Continue Set Up”

7-      Now provide all your personal information which is required by entering it into the respected fields.

8-      Once you have entered all your information then click on the option marked as “Search and Continue”

9-      Now follow the instructions so that you can complete the process of registration.

10-  Now you can easily log in to your account to manage it and to redeem points for the prizes and rewards that you like.

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