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All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This concept of having a healthy balance between work and leisure is fully appreciated by the brand that is the Hilton hotel. It is for this simple reason that the chain of hotels has a reward system to its loyal staff – the Hilton team member travel program online hotel booking.

This is a program that basically allows for all the employees – full time and part time-to get discounts whenever they want to put up in any Hilton hotel or its subsidiary. The offer is valid in North America and the Americas. The workings of the entire process work something like this:

A Guide On How To Go About Booking A Hotel:

  • Visit: tm.hilton.com
  • Confirmation of your work location – the reason for this is to zero in your search to the nearest hotel where you will be stationed during your period of service.
  • Search for available hotels – Once your intended locale has been zoomed in on you will be given a list of Hilton hotels, and affiliate hotels where you can possibly put up at. You will also need to give the dates when you intend to be within that given location – this is to basically ensure that on matters regarding availability you get to have an exact fit for what you are looking for.
  • Choose the hotel that is just right for you- You need to keep in mind that ‘right for you’ is defined by you. Rates, discounts and so on are what the article is going to dwell on referring to the term right for you.
  • Logistics- By logistics the article is alluding to the two things that you need to do to ensure that your final booking is complete (making reservations for your room and securing your passport). This is the journey that you will need to travel to ensure that matters regarding accommodation at the Hilton hotel go as planned. It is important to note that reservations can be made up to a year in advance.

Accessing The Hilton Team Member Travel Program Online:

A seasoned traveler would appreciate the unique selling points that go with this offer – discounted rates for accommodation, hustle free travel, and value for money. The entire process begins when you log on to the above link . When you log on to that link you immediately get shuttled to a page where you will be required to fill a data field with all the issues that have been addressed in the preceding paragraph – work location, date of occupancy, credit history and so forth.

The Hilton team member travel program apart from offering your discount room rates has gone one better in that it also extends this offer (discount room rates) to a member of your family or a travelling companion. The offer is open to all team members of the Hilton Worldwide and the offer extends to family members. The offer is valid within a radius of 50 miles where your abode is or where you intend to stay. The offer also has a cap of two rooms per stay under each program.

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