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Toll By-Plate is an image based image based video billing system that has been developed for electronic toll collection in Florida. This computer software collects photographic images of the license plates of vehicles, by doing so it automatically tags the licenses plate in the state official record of Florida department of transportation (FODT) to identify who will be responsible for payment of the toll. This system is currently running on travels through the turnpike systems. The reason for applying this technological solution was to make the roads on turnpike system less congested and also to establish a user friendly, echo friendly paperless payment mechanism that saves administrative costs both to the state and the citizens.

What Is Toll-By- Plate Account

A toll-by-Plate online account is basically an online user id that IS created via . The user agrees to pay toll invoiced to him through toll-by-plate system while travelling either on turnpike system or other FDOT owned toll facility.

Why Choose Online Payment of Toll-By-Plate Online

All registered owners of a vehicle in the state of Florida can apply for online payment mode in case they receive an invoice from the Turnpike Toll-By-Plate system. To make a successful online payment following are required

  1. A computer or a laptop or any other device that lets you connects to the internet.
  2. Access to internet through any internet services provider.
  3. Any means of online payment for example a online checking account or credit card.
  4. Have a TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice issued in his name by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE).
  5. The addressee of the  invoice should be the registered owner of the vehicle for which a Toll-By-Plate invoice is issued..

Step By Step Guide For Online Payments

    1. Log on to the official website of Toll-by-plate at
    2. Click on the “pay Toll-by-Plate Invoice Online” link.
    3. On the online screen form enter the Toll-by-plate invoice details like the invoice ID, account number as per the toll-by-plate on the invoice sent through Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE).
    4. Click on “View Documents” login and pay the invoice online.
    5. The same account could be used to pay Unpaid toll violation (UTV) and Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) tickets generated through the toll-by-plate.


Through Toll-By-Plate system all registered owners of vehicles travelling through the turnpike system can be notified of accumulated toll amounts due from them, at very small administrative charge of $2.50.The Toll-By-Plate invoice is issued and sent by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE). Anyone who has received such an invoice or has received an unpaid toll violation subsequently can choose to pay online through a credit card or online banking. The process on signing up for online payment with Toll-By-Plate is a very simple one and also saves the payers from a lot of effort and complication of other payment means. Missing a toll invoice can easily be avoided even if you are always on the go.

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