Offer Your Valued Feedback To “Toys R Us” Survey For $500 Cash Prize

Making dreams dreamier for your children is our business. We offer everything and anything that you can imagine for making childhood a delightful and cherished journey. Educational toys, Dolls, video games, toddler toys or anything else, you name it we offer it. With our head quarter at USA and 1550 branches in 35 countries of the world we now own a global presence. We are facing higher challenges of catering a divers set of customer needs.

About TRU Survey:

The website was launched by Toys R Us , in order to gain an insight into customer preferences through feedback directly from existing customer base. Although the data is for young children products we highly value the input from parents, elder siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. As the survey provides data that we consider our biggest asset we feel morally obligated to offer redemption offers in the shape of a gift card for participants above eighteen years of age.

Who Qualifies As A Participant:

1.       Babies Are Us are Registered online members of Toys are Us who have received an email invitation to participate.
2.       People who have made a purchase through any of the toys R US or Babies R Us outlet and has a purchase coupon before the date of June 29, 2012.
3.       Non consumers above the age of eighteen years who can take a few minutes off their busy schedule for our improvement.

Who Do Not Qualify :

Employees of Toys R Us and Babies R Us do not qualify for participation in this survey. Their family members are also not eligible to participate in the survey. This restriction is to ensure that the process is scam free and does not involve biases.

Step By Step Guide To Fill In A TRU Survey Form Online.

1.       Go to the website of toys R Us and
2.       Select your preferred input language.
3.       If you are a purchaser or an online member type in the store code, access code and cashier number.
4.       Submit your age and participant type.
5.       Validate yourself as a natural person by typing in a CAPTCHA Code. This tells us you are not a robot or software programmed for automated responses.
6.       Provide us feedback on your experience with the store and store layout .
7.       Don’t forget to wait for the results of the sweepstakes if you are eighteen or above.

 Privacy Policy

Customer feedback collected through forms is used as an input into new product launch decisions or potential drop outs from our product line. Toys R Us also collects data on the provision of customer services through this survey. However it follows a strict privacy policy and does not collect any personal information from your PC while you are at its website, like IP address or hardware / software details.

No specific personal data is collected. The privacy Policy at official website strongly condemns misuse of personal data and assures that whatever small identification details customers share, is never used or forwarded to anyone else for other purposes.

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  • August 30, 2017


    After being away for a couple months I went into my local toys r us, and it was
    like coming home again to see Betty there, and she offering me suggestions, and showing
    me exactly what I was asking for! Though Toys r Us is a large store; I never feel
    that way with Betty the rock there!

  • October 13, 2017

    Joshua Jensen

    Toys r us has a great selection of toys and a great staff always willing to help you out with everything. I was helped out by Kevin who was polite and courteous.

  • November 12, 2017

    Margaritas glosser

    Had one of THE MOST AMAZING JOURNEYS AND WARMEST WELCOME BY THE OWNER MANAGER ERIC…AT THE ROSEVILLE TOYS R US..I was on the hunt for some toys for my grand children…Got to the store at 7:30AM freezing and with a blanket prepared to freeze and there was 5 or 6 of us Nuts…Young Mr.Eric let us in the middle doors to . Wait so we didn’t freeze…Explained a lot to us about Fake News and things.I could go on but the point being he RENEWED MY FAITH IN KINDNESS and COMPASSION AND What Christmas and the importance of finding that special toys means…That’s what makes a STORE GREAT A GUY LIKE ERIC AT ROSEVILLE TOYS R US ..I CANT T STOP TELLING ALL MY FRIENDS

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