Six Week Body MakeOver By Michael Thurmond’s

Provide life science was established in 2000 and is aimed to help people in their fitness goals through its fitness, wellness and nutritional solutions.

About Company

Fitness trainer Michael Thurmond’s claim to fame was the popular America reality TV show “Extreme Makeover”. After the show’s phenomenal success, Michael’s innovative diet and exercise plans gained popularity which is why Provide Life sciences invited him to contribute to their product range with his expertise.

What Is Six Week Body Makeover?

The six week body fat loss program is a joint effort of Provide Life Sciences and Michael Thurmond. It works by correctly profiling body type of each person in terms of food requirements to develop a diet plan that helps fast weight loss without rigorous dieting or excessive exercise.

Apart from the money back guarantee and dedicated customer service help line. Payment option is flexible for weekly charge to credit card or one off payment.

Who Can Order

Everyone and anyone who is suffering from low self esteem due to excess fat deposits in their body can order for Michael Thurmond six week body makeover. The only things you need are

  1. An internet connection through any web enabled device.
  2. Ability to pay through a Master Card or “Visa”- “Discover” or “American Express” credit card.

Step By Step Guide To Using Six Week Body Makeover

To order a six week body makeover plan online follow a few easy steps.

  1. Log on to or
  2. Hit the “Try It for 6 Weeks!” button OR “Start your 6 week makeover” button.
  3. Chose your choice of pack (There are two DVD or SPV)
  4. Enter personal and billing information
  5. Choose method of payment .You can choose from: “Visa”, “Master Card”, “Discover” or Express.
  6. Provide security code at credit card. This is three digits long for Visa, Master Card or Discover- and four digits long for “American Express”.
  7. Provide shipment details like street address and city. Choose Zip Code and
  8. Submit the application/ order form.


If you follow a busy life and want to lose weight without long hours of dietary deprivation and excessive workout you can simply apply online for Michael Thurmond’s 6 week body makeover plan. The process is simple and a one stop customized solution to your fitness problems.


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