Set Up Your Online Account At Turbo Tax

Are you an organized person? Do you like to plan your earnings and taxes before time so that you can save yourself from all kind of inconveniences? Do you want your refunds with a proper service then it’s time for you to get your TurboTax software and a TurboTax account online. Turbo Tax is the American tax preparation software and was developed by Micheal.A.Chipman.

What Are The Benefits Off Getting A Turbo Tax Account Online?

There are lots of important advantages of getting a TurboTax account online so that the users can get a lot of benefits along with achieving their main goals.


1-      You can check your transaction history whenever and where ever you want.

2-      You can Log into your account no matter wherever you are and you will be given all the services without any hindrance.

3-      You can get all the refunds on time and the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about your money getting lost somewhere. Turbo Tax ensures the security and the safe keeping of your refund.

4-      You can get a very efficient mobile app for your cell phones with all the latest offers and schemes.

5-      You can easily track your refunds.

6-      The tax refunds are sent to the AT&T cards issued as the TurboTax cards for the TurboTax customers.

How To Set Up Your Online Account At Turbotax?

Setting up online account at the official website of TurboTax is very easy and simple but you should provide all your information correct and accurate. Otherwise the management has all the legal rights to take actions against you.


1-      You must have a computer.

2-      You must have internet access.

Step By Step Guide:

You can get an easy access to the TurboTax account no matter you are a new user or an old one.

Old User:

1-      If you are an old user then you just have to give your ID and Password after clicking the “Sign in”.

2-      You will be given access to your account.

New User:

1-      Go to the TurboTax official website.

2-      Click on “Sign up” and a new page will appear.

3-      Enter your e-mail address, User ID comprising of at least four characters and password comprising of at least six characters.

4-      Give the answer of a selected security question for the extra protection.

5-      Give your mobile phone number which is completely optional.

6-      Give your second e-mail address which is also optional.

7-      Tick on “I have read and agree to the terms of the license agreement made”.

TurboTax software is supported by WINDOWS and Mac operating systems.

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