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A handgun owner, who wishes to take a security gun with him whether in his house or in his vehicle must possess a license for it under the laws of state,. The Texas Government allows individual to carry concealed hand guns license that can be achieved only when the individuals appealed for concealed weapon permit under Texas Gun law. Hand gun training can lead towards carrying a concealed hand gun. The appealed for the concealed handgun possess several steps because the Texas Government demands the safety of their state from any criminal act. To provide convenience to the individuals, they offered online service to their inhabitants to apply for their concealed hand guns. The concealed handgun is usually regulated by the company. And for that you have to apply on their official website to get the access towards your concealed handgun.

How To Apply?

  • To carry the concealed gun you will go to the official website will click on it. The website link is “”.
  • The homepage of the official website will open in which you will find the link of “Top DPS link”.
  • Then a new page will open where you will click on the option of “Concealed Hand gun”. Through which the page of instructions will open in which the rules and policies of the concealed hand gun were given. Read those instructions with proper intention.
  • When you read all the instruction then click on the link of “online services” to approach the services.
  • Then click on the link of “apply” and then choose the “Identification type of your gun”. After that you will type your Texas DL number and SSN number. You will also provide your date of birth and Texas ID Audit number.
  • In the end you will click on the option of “continue” to submit your application.
  • Next complete the set of all steps to get this services online.


This service is particularly designed for the safety of the Texas people. With the help of concealed handguns the owner can easily carry their guns wherever they want. The goal of this service is to combat terrorism and crime and to provide World Class services.

About Company:

This is considered to the nation’s most lenient gun laws. The DPS also gave training to the individuals to carry and handle the guns.

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