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The cowboys of the Texas are not at all uneducated and wild like they were before. Texas is now a completely transformed state with the traffic rules and law enforcement regulations and teams. The Texas traffic police take it so seriously that they have created their online website so that people can pay their surcharges online easily by sitting at their homes and they should realize that no matter what but they have to pay their fines sooner or later if they broke any rules or regulations.

Texas Surcharge Account Online Limitations

You can only pay your surcharge online but it cannot replace other administrative actions such as suspensions, revocations, disqualifications or cancellation actions.


The Texas surcharge account is very much beneficial if you do create it on its website.

1-      View your account information

2-      Check status of your surcharge account easily.

3-      Pay your surcharge quickly.

How To Access Texas Surcharge Account?


1-      Go to the website and click on “online services”

2-      Enter your Driver’s license, ID number or department of public safety assigned number.

3-      Provide your birth date, last name as listed in the driver’s license along with the ZIP coe of the area.

4-      Now click “Log in”

5-      Access and enjoy your online services of the Texas surcharge account.


1-      You need to have a valid Texas driver’s license, ID number or department of public safety assigned number.

2-      You need to have received a surcharge notice letter and have the reference number on it handy.

3-      A valid credit or debit card or a valid checking, savings, money market account to pay online.

Texas Surcharge online can only be used for paying the surcharges but once your case has reached the court then you won’t be able to pay your surcharge online but it is very easy to pay your surcharges by sitting at your home and paying them through your credit card. The website is supported by Texas department of public safety.

It is also a major factor to keep the Texas youth in control and avoiding them from breaking the rules because they know that sooner or later they will have to pay the surcharge direct or online. That is why the traffic situation of the Texas is recorded to have a great improvement with less traffic accidents and injuries.

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