Online U-Haul Rent Truck Guide

With the rental fleet tranquil of trailers, trucks and the other equipments, the U-Haul offers the most excellent services of rental for every client. To rent the truck from the location of U-Haul, you can select amongst five sizes of the truck that array from the 10 to the 26 feet. The all trucks of the U-Haul have the lower decks constructed under tops than above the back standard trucks of cargo box.

As the customer renting the truck from the U-Haul Company, you can obtain the several of advantages with trucks. For instance, trucks are the fifty percent easy to cargo than the other trucks, and these trucks are obtainable in approximately fifteen thousand locations all around the United States of America. Alongside you will obtain the cab with the smooth ride suspension and elevated visibility mirrors in trucks you get from the U-Haul.

About the Company

The U-Haul international company was established in the year of 1945, this is the United States of America’s storage and moving equipment Rental Company. The headquarters of this company is situated in the phoenix and Arizona. This company is now functioned by the AMERCO. Anyone can rent trailers, trucks and the other equipment pieces, and discover storage, carpet cleaning, LPG refueling and the other things at the U-Haul company.

How To Rent The Truck At The U-Haul Online?


  • The computer system with the access of internet
  • You should be over the 18 years to rent trucks, trailers and the other pieces of equipment.
  • The driving license which you have require being the military, single of 50 states, Canadian province, district of the Columbia, from the foreign country or international one.


  • You must go to the U-Haul official website
  • Choose the trucks or trailers from the menu which is placed at the top of page.
  • As needed, choose the date of pickup and enter the location of pickup, enter the location drop off and then click to get the rates of the trucks.
  • In next page, you’ll look the list of approximately all trucks obtainable for you. Choose the truck size you would like to have and then leave the contact information comprising the phone number and your name.
  • After this you’ll be provided the number of the order, take this to location of U-Haul you selected, and pick the truck at time you’ve booked.

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