How To Apply For A Union Credit Card


HSBC Bank is the second largest company in the world -Forbs Ratings. The multinational financial services and banking solutions provider which is also known as the second largest in its industry is headquartered at London, UK. It is currently offering commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking and offering money management services through HSBC bank. It has a diverse customer base across more than eighty five countries around the globe.

HSBC Bank issues union AFL-CIO accredited credit cards exclusively for union members across USA who join hands to raise collective voice through respectable, fair treatment at workplace. The holders of this card have access to special and exclusive product offerings, online banking and payment facility, and online transaction tracking.

HSBC Holdings Plc Union Credit Card

Union plus decided to go green by offering online application process for acquiring union plus credit card. Other benefits may include easy and timely reporting of lost or stolen card to prevent unauthorized funds withdrawals.


  • Retired union members
  • Current members of working America
  • Existing union members and their family members properly referred by their name [excluding family members of union members at any one of the fourteen unions published at the websites].

Step By Step Process

Online application submission is an easy four step process

  • Log on to the Union Plus Credit card website at  and click apply online.
  • Provide your information like first name, Middle initial and last name, Date of birt, social security number, your mother’s maiden name and your complete residential address.
  • Fill in residential details like address, mortgage or loan details(if any exist)
  • Provide Union and Employment information like employer name, work phone number and average annual income.
  • Click “Agree” to electronic disclosure of information like notice of credit decision or adverse action.
  • Agree to terms of the agreement at the site after carefully reading it.
  • Review your status.


By applying for Union Plus Credit card online through four simple easy steps you can join one million registered union members and enjoy the privilege of access to specialized travelling or educational services, Union Plus scholarships and Union Safe benefits like disability and joblessness grant.

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