Participate In $500 United Texas Guest Survey

If you have gone to the United Texas grocery store quite often to buy grocery, then $500 worth gift cards are being given away in a lottery and for you to win it, all you have to do is take the survey they have put up so that you could make them aware of your opinion about shopping. By taking survey you could also help store officials find out the flaws in their services. The quality of goods sold at the store could also be improved once the feedback from the customers is read. Staff members skills of dealing, selling and even the offers on goods and other services are double checked and improved if the feedback states any lack of satisfaction from the customer’s side. If the experience of the purchaser is good, he could encourage the staff and officials and in this way reputation of the store is improved.

About Survey

The reward of cooperating with the store officials is that they could get a chance to win $500 gift card in a lottery by entering it after taking the survey. The process of taking the survey is not complicated at all. Even this is made easy so that the customers could give advice without any problem and share their experience. It helps the officials figure out the flaws in the services they provide and in this way the quality of items displayed at the store is also considered and made better. The survey taken allows the taker to enter a lottery where he could easily get his hands on $500 gift card and shop all he wants in the next visit. The feedback given could point out the flaws and improvements that are required at the store so that the reputation is made better by shunning the mistakes.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Visit the mentioned link to participate in survey @
  2. After entering the site, information is collected on various aspects of the store.
  3. The language is selected and the code from the purchasing slip is entered in the empty space given so that the next step could be taken up.
  4. The rules are considered and then list of questions appear. The questions have to be answered in such a way that the experience is kept in mind and biased opinions should be avoided.
  5. Person enters the lottery automatically.

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