How To Signup For Univision Account?

According to a recent Nielsen report, Univision – the North America based, Spanish Broadcaster – presently has the largest audience of Spanish speakers in the world. In the US, the Spanish broadcasters viewership ratings have risen to be at par with the top five news broadcasters on the land. This TV station (Univision) has its headquarters in New York; however, the company base of operations is in the Florida area.  The company streams its products via satellite and cable and has some 50 stations in diverse local markets.


Formerly known as Spanish International Network, the antecedent(s) of the station can be traced back to the early 1960’s when it was first incepted to cater exclusively for a largely Spanish audience. Univision, as has been stated earlier in the article, is accessed via satellite. The station has five sister stations, and can also be accessed via the internet. To access Univision via the net, you will need to sign up. The signing up process looks something as follows:

Signing Up For Univision

  • The very first step is login on to the official site that is given here:;
  • The portal that is opened up for you basically contains a number of data fields that have to be filled up;
  • The data field that has to be filled up includes the following: a username, a password, your e-mail address, your date of birth and so forth; a number of this data fields will require that you verify the information that you have just keyed in and this means that you log on the same information twice;
  • After you have filled up the data fields, ensure that you click on the sign up button and you are good to go – in other words you can now officially watch Univision via the internet.

The Signing up process has a number of myriad advantages that are basically open to you. For starters, you have an online platform upon which you can basically link up with individuals who basically share similar interests. Similarly, you can contribute your voice to a number of topical issues that tag at the heartstrings on the Latinos nation – in mind are issues such as Immigration reform in US political discourse.  All this is in addition to breaking news, and latest celebrity gossip that you get when you sign up to what is arguably the largest Spanish broadcast channel.


Signing up on this platform has a two- fold advantage – foremost, you ensure that you can receive the latest news wherever you are on any mobile devices, second, there is an English channel for those who might not be proficient in Spanish and consequently you get the opportunity to sharpen your skills in Spanish whilst at the same time you are not lost in the translation of all that is going on. If you are of Spanish extraction; if you are a lover of Spanish culture; if you have any interest in matters pertaining to Spanish then registering for Univision is definitely the way to go.

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