How To Win Valottery

Ever since 1999 the Virginia lottery has been benefiting the educational institutions by helping them in raising funds for them. The profits earned in the Virginia lottery are given to the winners, then to the workers and after that to the educational institutions to make them in much better condition than before. The decision that what will happen to the funds has varied a lot in history but is now stable on helping the educational institutions. All the unclaimed prizes are added in the funds of the government but sometimes even they are used as the funds for the schools and colleges. There was also a time when the funds from the lotto were given in for the capital construction project. There is a frequency chart made annually of the Valottery to analyze the ratio of the profit in each and every program of the lottery so that it can be decided easily that which package or program will be canceled and which will be carried on to the next level.

What Are The Different Packages And Lottery Programs Launched By The Valottery?

Lottery programs:

1-      Smart pick

2-      Quick pick

3-      Wheeling system.

4-      Number archive

5-      Pick 3/ Pick 4

6-      Jackpots

7-      Multi State lotteries.

8-      Mega millions

9-      Win for Life

10-  Cash 5

11-  Scratchers

12-  Power Ball

13-  Decades of Dollars and

14-  Fresh Play Games.


1-      You must have a computer along with an internet access.

2-      You must be a legal resident of the State of Virginia.

3-      You must be an adult of the age 18 or more.

4-      You must have participated in any kind of lottery program monitored by the Virginia lottery.

Step By Step Procedure:

1-      Pick any of the six digits between the numbers 1 to 42.

2-      For each turn and chance you will have to pay $1.

3-      Now once that you have bought the ticket then check it carefully so that there can be no error as the ticket cannot be returned or cancelled especially if it is the “WIN FOR LIFE” ticket.

4-      Sign the back of the ticket which you have purchased so that no one else could claim your prize.

5-      Now keep on checking for the winners to be announced online.

6-      Once the winner is announced then check your ticket number.

7-      If luckily your number matches then visit the lottery retailer from whom you have received it.

8-      The prize amount varies according to the program or the lottery in which you have entered.

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