Approach Vax (UK) To Register Your Products

If you want to register your product which you have purchased form the Vax Company, you can do it by going to their official web site. You can see the steps below for registration.


  • For getting registered on the web site of the company, you will have to go to this link first .
  • After you will have entered the resulted page of the above link, you can find the procedure for getting registered on the web site of the company.
  • You will have the option first in which you can select the “Product Type” which you have purchased from the company. As you will have the page of he web site you can see many options listed of all type of product items which the company has offered. These product types are given with their picture and a descriptive name. Click on any of the product type like carpet cleaner, cylinder, steam etc. Click on the particular picture of the product type and move next.
  • As a second step, you are supposed to give the model range which is selected by the company and you will have just chosen them by clicking on it. All the model ranges are given with their name as well as with their picture. Choose any one of the model of your previously selected product type and move further for the registration process.
  • After selecting the Product Type and Product Model, you will have to fill out some information asked by the company necessary for the registration process. You will have to give your contact details first.
  • Give your First Name and Surname First in the fields. Next you will have to give your Address and Postcode in the below fields. Give the Name of your town and country.
  • After this enter your Email Address and Contact Number in the next fields.
  • After giving you Contact Details, give you purchase details to the company. You are supposed to enter your serial number of the purchased product in the filed. You can locate this Serial Number on the product given on the back side of the product. Give a correct Serial Number of the product.
  • After serial number, give the date at which you have made your purchase. Enter your purchase price of your selected product and then give the location from where you have purchased the product.
  • If you are interested in receiving company’s latest offers, deals and product arrival information you can select the check box below to receive all the notifications.
  • After completing the process, click on the “Submit” button below so that you can register your product.

About Company:

For all type of electronic products and house hold items you will have to consult with the Company. The company is providing good machinery and reliable quality products for their regular use.

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