Alter Your Verizon Current Services Online

Mobile phones are now much popular among people these days and it is necessary to have its applications and different services for its use, this is one of the companies that provide services for mobile phones. Help of any king can be obtained from it  just by giving them the detail of your phone. By giving the information of your mobile you can avail help in following fields such that global services, apps, media, software, device, plan, bill, account and much more. Except this many of the questions related to mobile phone and its use are also answered here. The mobile phones are used in a well manner with the help of this company.


  •  To change you existing service visit
  • Go the “Shop” from main menu select “Shop Services”.
  • Choose “TV + Internet” services to change existing services.
  • If you are not already signed in then click on the link “register for my Verizon”.
  • Enter your telephone number in the field given for it.
  • Type your amount of last payments and account number.
  • Then click on red colored button “continue”.
  • Then choose a user ID for your account and a password for next time login.
  • After you are registered for your account then you just need to login and make changing whatever you want.


Online services are much more beneficial in a way that you do not need to go any where and every thing is in your access just far form a click of your mouse. You can change the service you are using at any time and any where you want to change them.

About Verizon:

In the United States the mobile operator that is leading in its industry is familiar with the name of this company. It can into existence in 2000 and has progressed rapidly with 2330 locations now and providing jobs to 85000 people and the number of its subscribers is more than 108 million. This company was formed by the intermingling of Vodafone and Verizon Communications and their annual profit is $ 28.3 billion.

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