Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Guide

Verizon Wireless a joint venture of Verizon communications (USA) and Vodafone (UK); is the largest telecommunication and mobile device provider in the United States. It operates a mobile network that has over 108 million subscribers. The major product of Verizon communications are voice messaging and data communication tools and applications.

About Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant

Verizon backup assistant is a software application that is integrated with a free cloud service to backup and store all data on a mobile device. Once installed on a mobile the application allows the user to automatically schedule the backup cycle at regular intervals. In case of theft of the device or accidental damage to device the data, contact lists, multimedia files like pictures and videos all can be retrieved from the backup assistant. Currently Verizon is offering 500 Mb of uploading through back up assistant and storage additional storage can be bought for monthly fees.

The service is compatible with all basic phone sets all blackberry sets except older models like (pearl pink, pearl flip, 7130,7250, 7750,8703e,8830) and androids also except those from Motorola and HTC.

How To Use The Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant

Install Back Up Assistant On The Mobile Phone?

The Verizon backup assistant needs to be installed and set up first. Installation of the assistant is done through fairly easy steps.

  1. If you have a blackberry or android that is Verizon compatible the assistant wil already be installed on it
  2. For basic cell phones go to
  3. Install and setup the backup assistant contact the media center

Take Initial Backup And Schedule Recurring Backups

  1. Open the assistant from your mobile phone and select Backup Up Now option.
  2. If you want to schedule a backup you will have to select options> schedules OR “Recurring sync.” (It depends on the mobile you have), choose time of daily backup and enter.

Access Your Backup When Needed

To access the backed up contacts in case you switch to another backup assistant compatible device you need to follow the following steps.

  1. To Install On New device Search “media center” in the Application store of the new device select “Browse and Download” and click “backup assistant” then follow on to  Set Up the Backup Assistant on the welcome screen that appears.
  2. 2.       To Setup on new Device: Click Next on welcome screen and choose a PIN Code (You can choose to authorize the PIN being sent to your phone in case you forget)schedule a Backup time.
  3. To Restore Data on Backup Assistant and Store to New Device: Access the backup device and enter your selected PIN for the new device then hit “OK” OR “Restore”.


With Verizon backup assistant data retrieval is not a problem anymore. Data storage, retrieval and management is all a matter of a few minutes now. Through cloud hosting the data stored is secure from unauthorized usage also.

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