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The life in which we are leading our life is beyond our imagination. Every day we comes into contact with new type of communication technologies from which modern society takes advantages and used them in their personal and business life. Mobile technology has become an important aspect of our life. Many companies and organizations have been established in order to provide the mobile devices to their valuable customers. We can see various types of mobile devices with its unique features. Individuals select their mobile device according to their money range. The mobile users, who have not the facility of viewing multimedia images and videos on their mobile devices, they can now avail the opportunity of viewing images and videos with the help of this service which is provided by company. You just have to make your account on their official website to access their tremendous service.

How To Sign In?

  • For the attainment of this remarkable opportunity then you must make sure that you are the regular customer of this company.
  • Firstly, you have to write this website address “” in your address bar to access their official website.
  • The home page will appear in front of you, where some options were given related to their services. You will select the option of “Get my photo log in page”.
  • The welcome page of company will appear in which the introductory passage were given about their services.
  • In the last of the page, the mobile number and password is inquired from you that you have received from the company in the form of notification.
  •  When you are finished with this information then click on the option of “Log in” to precede the procedure.
  • Then on new page, you will select the option of “Get my photo” and if you have received any picture or video message then you will receive a password from company and you will type that password in your log in account. Now, you can see your received pictures and videos without any smart phone.


With the help of this service, you can receive picture and video messages and can also reply them with your messages. Moreover, you can enlarge the size of the pictures as you want. The service, which this company is provided to their customers, is free of cost and offered 30 days valid period of this service.

About Company:

Vodafone is the established company and is founded in 1991. This company is the recognized telecommunication company in the worldwide. The Headquarter of this company is in London and from this place they make strong interconnection with their other subsidiaries.

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