Login To Vodafone Account To Upgrade Your Current Plan Online

Numerous telecommunication companies are present in the market these days that are providing extra ordinary services to their customers. They initiate one plan for providing ease to their customers and after short interval of time a new plan arrives which gives more benefits and facilities to customers. When such situation occurs people wish to upgrade their plan. It gives you this facility that now you can upgrade your plan online quite easily. There are few of the requirements for completing this process like you must have a mobile number and their customer and then you can upgrade your plan without facing any problem.


  • Visit the website where you can upgrade your plan i.e. www.vodafone.co.uk/upgrade .
  • Choose the option of ‘Log in to My Vodafone’ to upgrade your plan.
  • Tell them whether you want to upgrade your plan or phone. Even you can upgrade both of them. After this a new page will be shown to you.
  • You need to provide your username and password and then clicking the Login in now button.
  • Complete the instructions for upgrading your plan in just few minutes.
  • If you are registered at here yet then click on the option of ‘Register with Vodafone’.
  • Before starting the process, switch on your cell phone because they will ask your “Vodafone number” and they will send you a “security code” on the provided number.
  • Click on the button ‘Start your registration’.
  • They will ask the security code form you whom they sent on your mobile number. Provide that number in the required field.
  • Tell them your personal information and contact information in the next boxes that will appear.
  • Accept all their terms and condition and submit your application for upgrading your plan.


By upgrading your plan you can keep your existing phone and upgrade to a Sim only plan. Great offers will be given to you related to texts, calls and internet. Even you can choose plan form their new phones and plan and get the same offers from them.

About Company:

This is Telecommunication Company of British whose Headquarter is located in London. It is the world’s second largest mobile telecommunication company. They have million of subscribers and their revenues are very much high. They are working in more than thirty countries.

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