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About Company

Video Technology Ltd. is a manufacturer of consumer electronics and it is a Hong Kong based public industry with the nickname as Vtech Ltd. It has launched its computer hardware, computer software, Cordless phones, Educational toys and consumer electronics. The famous Kid’s toys are V-Smile and V-Flash along with kidizoom camera. The Learning Lodge Navigator is the program which is launched by the Vtech Ltd. for the InnoTab which is a learning tablet for the children that parents use. You can choose various applications and games by using the program from your InnoTab.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Lodge Navigator? 

The benefits of the Learning Lodge Navigator are numerous and many have downloaded the program for the better education and mental growth of their kids along with their entertainment.

1-      Children are surprised and happy just by seeing the huge range of games and stories available by browsing from the program.

2-      It gives you the easy access to the download library.

3-      You can get updates for your software.

4-      You can also get additional learning tools for your software.

5-      The downloading of the app is very easy and can be done by just one single click.

How Can We Download And Set Up Learning Lodge Navigator?


1-      You need a computer.

2-      You need internet access.

3-      You also need your Innotab/PC or your Mac if you want to download the program for them.


The downloading and the set of the Learning Lodge Navigator are very easy and are based on some clicks.


1-      Click on the link and go to the Learning Lodge Navigator Downloading website.

2-      Select your gadget for which you are downloading the program i.e. PC or Mac etc.

3-      The Learning Lodge Navigator program will download itself automatically once you have given the required information.


1-      Now double click the downloaded file once it has completed its downloading so that the program can be installed in your gadget.

2-      The program will automatically complete its setup.

What To Do To Get Any Help?

You can always get further help from Customer’s support center of Vtech toys in case of any query. You can click on You can also click on the FAQs at home page

What Is The Greatest Quality Of The Learning Lodge Navigator?

The greatest quality of the program is that it is composed of various apps for your kids educational and entertainment reasons and you can download more and more apps easily but the most prominent quality is that it is completely free and loads of fun.


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