Guide To Apply For A Walmart Credit Card Online.

Woo The Walmart With Walmart Credit Card-

Walmart is one of the largest chains of discount departmental stores and is owned and founded by the Walton family. It is an American company and is present in 50 States of United States along with Puerto Rico. It has about 85000 stores in about 15 countries while in Japan it is known as Seiyo, In United Kingdom it is known as Asda, Walmex in Mexico and other subsidiaries of Walmart are Walmax and Sam’s group which is a warehouse. The Walmart departmental store contains each and every thing which is required by a person and that is why the area of one Walmart departmental store is huge. They provide garments and clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, shoes, home decor, electronics, computer gadgets, software and hardware items, furniture, tools and instruments, sports goods along with surgical instruments, Fresh fruits and vegetables along with bread, Grocery including each and every item possible, frozen foods, toys etc.

What Is The Walmart’s Credit Card?

It is the card which is provided to the Walmart customers and is the fastest and the most easiest way to pay for your shopping at any Walmart store or one of its subsidiaries like Sam’s club, Walmax, your neighborhood and when you are shopping online at the Walmart’s website.


1-      There is 0% fraud liability.

2-      You can enjoy saving your amount when you are using the Walmart’s credit card.

3-      There is no annual fee.

4-      If you end up doing a shopping of $100 online with the Wal-Mart credit card then you will get $20 back in your account.

5-      You can also save 10’E per Gallon on the Walmart’s gas stations.

6-      You can also get your free monthly FICO score if you enroll yourself in electronic statement online.

How To Apply For A Walmart Credit Card?


1-      You need a computer and an internet connection.

2-      You need a Walmart online account and if you don’t have one then first create your Walmart account which is a very simple and easy process and all you have to provide some basic  information about yourself and once you have submitted this information along with a password and User ID then your account will be created.

3-      You will need your Social Security number along with your personal information.


1-      Click on the link and you will be directed to the Walmart Customer Credit Card website.

2-      Go to the “Walmart Credit Card Quick Links” and under it you will find “Apply now”, click on it.

3-      Now if you don’t have a Walmart account then create your account by clicking on “Create and Apply”.

4-      If you have a Walmart account then click on “Sign in and apply” once you have entered your email address and password.

5-      Finish the Credit card application process.

6-      Click on “Accept and submit” once you have provided the required personal information which includes your name, date of birth, address and the Social Security number.

7-      Now check that whether you have been approved or not.

8-      If you are approved then your account will be ready for you to use even before you get you card.

9-      Now wait for your card and the process of application is completed.

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