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Walmart Stores Incorporated was established in 1962 and has been very much successful in developing the world’s most renowned multinational chain of grocery stores and warehouse stores. The company operates in 15 countries with 8500 stores around the world. Itis providing employment to around 2 million people, thus making it one of the largest private employers in the world.

Walmart Stores introduced an intranet system for its employees and associates, known as MyWalmart. MyWalmart is a portal that allows the walmart employees to check their work schedules, track the benefits they receive, check updates on the company and much more. This system allows workers to manage all their important information online.

The system has been important in making the communication and transfer of information easy and fast. MyWalmart also allows communication between the associates easier and has proved to be very efficient in improving worker performances.

How To Get Started?

In order to use this system, one must be an associate at the Walmart Stores Inc. If you are not, then you aren’t allowed to access the system and check the benefits. To get started you will have to register first:

  • Go to the My Walmart Website, which is
  • Click on ‘Register’ at the bottom right side of the page
  • Provide your date of birth and your date of joining Walmart. Also provide your social security number
  • Follow the procedure given on the website

Once you’ve registered yourself on MyWalmart, you would obviously want to check the benefits Walmart offers its employees. All the Walmart Associates have a unique user ID and password which they can use to log in their MyWalmart Account. You can get your User ID and password once you register yourself.

How To Keep Track Of Walmart Benefits Online?

  • Go to the MyWalmart Website, as mentioned above.
  • Put in your User ID and Password.
  • Hit the ‘LOGIN’ button
  • Follow the instruction given on the webpage and check and manage the benefits you are offered by Walmart

Now wasn’t that simple? It sure was! The use of this advance technology at Walmart Stores Inc. is definitely a sign of convenience to its employees. Conventionally, There’s no doubt that the multinational had an image to improve the living standards of its customers but the use of this intranet system for the employees shows that the company is equally interested in easing up things for other stakeholders of the company as well.



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