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First the article begins by clarifying issues regarding language. Pay stub in Wal-Mart parlance, indeed Pay stub in the modern day corporate language is a term that is used to refer to pay slip(s), that is, an employee’s pay slip. How all that fits into the above article will become clear as you proceed.

Wal-Mart is arguably one of the largest companies in the world; the retail chain store has outlets in North America-US; South America-Mexico; Africa – South Africa to name but a few of the places that this retail chain is based. The Wal-Mart stub that was being alluded to in the preceding paragraph refers to the online pay check that Wal-Mart associates can access when they log on through the associates portal to check on their wages.

Guidelines :

  • You will first need to access the Wal-Mart Associates web-site, the following hyper link will take  you to their official site:
  • To create a new account, you will need to click on to the Register hyper link- this register hyper link is just below the sign up option that is offered to the associate who accesses this link;
  • In the registration field that you will be required to give your name, your social security number, and the date when your employment commenced at Wal-Mart;
  • Still on matters regarding opening an account the process requires that you basically take five questions that generally act as a security layer to your account- these five questions basically delve into personal queries such as the name of your first pet- aspects of which only you could possibly know. You will be required to select a user ID and a password – the user ID needs to be at least six characters long, with a minimum of two numbers within the password;
  • The last step in this registration process comes when you click on the terms and agreement button that are on the hyper link, and this effectively closes the door to the process that goes into registering your account.

When you have done all that appertains to matters regarding registration, you need only click on the My Money button on the link that is provided, and click on payroll link. You then get to view the date of the check that you want to view; you can print this slip out.

More About :

This method of viewing your income statement online is growing in currency in North America, and indeed the rest of the world. When you get your pay by direct deposit, you are able to view your pay net and gross pay, deductions and personal information at just the touch of a button. The information can be received before your pay day, and can even be used as proof that you have an income in the event that you need to access an emergency loan. For all this to be possible however you will need to download special software for this purpose.

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