Join Walmart To Activate Money Card Online

Now you can get rid of the trouble of waiting in long queues for paying your bills as Walmart has introduced the services with which you can have your payment online by using Money card with absolute ease and comfort. Below are the steps for this process.


  • You should first get money card so that you can have further processing.
  • For payment purpose, you must have your money card activated which is issued by the company. For activation process you can go to this link. .
  • At the resulted page of activation, you are supposed to give the information related to your issued money card.
  • Give the number of your money card in the very first field. This number contains 16 digits and can be located at your money card.
  • Give the issue date of your card and also the expiry date of card by choosing the date from the drop down menu.
  • In the field on the parallel to money card number, at the extreme left, you will have to give your security number. This is a unique 3 digit number and you can find it on your card. This is printed on the back side of your money card placed on the right side of signature area. This information of the card is necessary and you can not get the activation of your card with out this.
  • Give you social security number containing 4 digits in the field below.
  • After this, you can choose your card PIN number in the next field. This is a 4 digit number which you can select by your self and also you can use the option “Choose PIN for me” to automatically select card PIN number for you.
  • Write the image characters present in the box given below in to the text field. After entering the form completely, click on the button named as “Next” on the right side.
  • You will have to give the confirmation of your activation process after wards. After completing this process your money card from the company will be activated and you can get done your payments via your card.

About Company:

This is getting popularity on becoming one of the largest departmental store chains in all over the USA. They have done to provide many services to deliver their customer products of house hold items, clothing and they have a number of branches dealing in different sorts of items with absolutely reasonable and economical pricing.

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