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A joke that is often told to gauge the unpredictability of forecasting is making a comparison between the process (of forecasting) and weather forecasting. Granted weather forecasting is not an exact science, the truth of the matter however is that in recent years the process has steadily become accurate. This is in partly on account of the fact that the process has moved from mere analysis and is now largely done by complicated software.

If knowledge of the weather pattern is something that passes for more than just mere curiosity for you, then perhaps it is time that you downloaded the weather channel application. With this application, you get alerts on severe weather patterns that might possibly play out; similarly, you get alerts on all beauty weather patterns that could also play out during the course of the day. With this weather application, you get to know the prevailing weather condition(s) in any city of the country via text message. To be on the receiving end however (no pun intended) you will need to sign up for the weather channel. The process of signing up is expounded on below.

Signing Up For The Weather Channel:

  • Your first step is visiting the official site that is given here ;
  • The window that opens up is the main web page of the Weather channel, at the bottom of the page click on the link that is tagged Sign Up Now;
  • The registration process is quiet straightforward; you will only be required to give your e-mail address as well as your password, click on the sign in button – there will be a number of data fields that you will be required to fill up (type of alerts that you are interested in, your city or state, preferred mode of receiving alerts and that sort of thing).The entire process is meant to last for just under ten minutes, and you are good to go.

It is important to note that a large number of these alerts are by way of e-mail alerts. Alerts via SMS have been discontinued on a number of cellular networks – Virgin Mobile, Boost, and Spirit/ Nextel. On the mobile networks where SMS alerts are still issued it is important to note that the vendor does not charge text alerts although data rates might apply from your mobile phone company.


The weather channel application is supported on a number of Smartphone applications –Iphone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone. Products that come with this application include screensavers, desktop weather, e-mail and sms alerts, and various toolbars that are available to you. The long and short of it is that weather by and large affects every aspect of our lives – gone are the days when interest in matters pertaining to weather forecasting were restricted to wanting to know whether you needed to carry an umbrella the next day or not. Weather affects the success or failure of our commercial ventures, our social interactions, and even moods. Get the weather application channel.

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