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Webkinz are toys comprising of stuffed animals. These Webkinz are a product of Ganz Inc. once you purchase these Webkinz, you adopt the stuffed animal or animals and you get the chance to name them. All Webkinz have secret access codes that make it possible for owners to access the Webkinz virtual website. In the Webkinz online world, there are a variety of activities you can take part in. You can design your very own room for your pet, and you can also play online games with other Webkinz adoptive parents.

Webkinz Game Cards

Webkinz game cards are purchased from various online sites like Walgreen and Amazon, and these game cards can be used at the Webkinz eStore in the Webkinz world or at Ganz eStore.

In order to use your Webkinz game card in the Webkinz world, you need to:

  • Log on to your Webkinz world account @
  • Go to the things to do menu and open it. In the things to do menu, go to Webkinz eStore.
  • Click on the add points button.
  • In the eStore points’ field, enter the game card code and click on redeem.
  •  Once you have done this successfully, the points will be added to your website account and you can shop.

Using your game card on the Ganz eStore

  • Log on to your Ganz account @
  • Navigate to the Nav bar and click on the eStore points’ button.
  • Scroll down to buy points.
  • Enter your game card code in the field provided and click on redeem.
  • Once that is done, your points will be added to your account and you can shop.

eStore Points

eStore points are a form of currency used to purchase virtual items in virtual game worlds. In the Webkinz world, you can use your eStore points to purchase items and clothes for your adopted Webkinz pet that are otherwise impossible to purchase. At the Ganz eStore, you can use your points to buy other virtual Webkinz pets, charms for the forest as well as MAZIN’ hamsters.

Trading Items Bought With Estore Points

It is impossible to trade items bought using the eStore points. These items cannot be sent via KinzPost and you cannot sell them at the W shop. Once you purchase your eStore item, you cannot get exchanges or refunds on the items. This is why it is advisable for you to purchase items that you want to have.

Expiration Of eStore Points

The eStore points do not have user deadlines as they do not expire. You can use the points anytime you want [provided you have an active account.

Webkinz Account Expiratory  

In the event that your account expires, you will have to adopt another Webkinz pet. Alternatively, you can sign up for a luxury account. In this deluxe account, your account does not expire for the time you remain a deluxe member.


The availability of Webkinz game cards online has made it quite easy for you to get activation codes. Your kids can now enjoy more games without having to leave your home to get the activation codes from offline stores.

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