Register And Access Cox Webmail 10 Email Accounts With 2GB Storage

There is a concept that every consumer instinctively knows – it is called utility. Utility is simply defined as the usefulness that you the consumer derive from a product. Utility is a concept that Cox webmail 10 email accounts with 2GB storage understands pretty well, a concept that Cox communication would like to aide you in achieving.

Cox communication can lay claim to be the first communication firm that took the idea of offering a bundle of television, internet, and telephone services.  The offers stirred up the band width market in a fashion that is yet to be rivaled again. This gist of offering the greatest utility to our client still runs across the length and breadth of the entities philosophy and it is with this in mind that corporate has rolled out a product that is in many respects revolutionary – the offer of web mail that has a storage capacity of 2GB on a platform that offers the user up to 10 e-mail accounts.

If this sort of arrangement wets your appetite with what you would desire to have from an e-mail service provider, then below is a guideline on how you can sign up on the Cox communication platform:

Registering And Accessing Guide:

  • Your first port of call will be when you log on to the main web page of Cox Communication; your entry there will be via the following hyper link –
  • Click on the Sign Up link that is at the top of the page if you do not have an account
  • The process of acquiring an e-mail account involves you answering a set of questions that are designed to protect your privacy. At the end of it all you are required to read the terms and agreements that you are to abide with, and when you do simply click on to the agree button.
  • When you are done, you can now access you Com Webmail anytime using your password and username.

Why You Need Cox Webmail:

The obvious question that one would ask is why would one need so many email addresses, and more so why the need for such large storage space. The answer quiet simply put can be summed up in one apt term – different strokes for different folks. If you are a mid- sized business, if you are a business entity that relies on communicating primarily via the e-mail; if you need vast amounts of space then the e-mail platform that is offered by Cox Web mail is just what you need.

Cox Webmail: The Smart Choice:

When you have an email account on the Cox Communication Network what you basically have is an opportunity to access your email from anywhere in the world, similarly you are equipped with tools that basically block spam, thirdly (which is the main selling point) – you basically have at your disposal ten e-mail accounts with each account having a maximum of 2GB storage space.; lastly, you have an address book that you can readily consult when composing your message. This in a nutshell is the package that comes your way when you sign up to have an e-mail account of the Cox Communication platform. This is a deal that you cannot afford to overlook.

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