Download Web MD For Android To Get Medical Help

Back in the day when Search engines where something of a novelty, a joke that gained currency was that many a doctor had their clients significantly reduced on account of Dr. Google.

Without a shadow of doubt the information super highway has opened up a vortex of information that was previously unavailable to the larger society. There are a number of advantages that are attached to this, in the area of medical care, this knowledge is important in the sense that the knowledge base on matters pertaining to preventive health care has expanded in a manner that can only be described as impressive.

The article will focus on a (Medical Directory) for Android Applications. This application has the following features


  • Health local listings – This feature lets you get hold of the closest physician, hospital, pharmacy on basis of your location or search when you key in a zip code or a city, state;
  • First Aid essentials – This is a handy guide to the most rudimentary medical interventions such as insect stings, to the most complex situations, such as how to treat burns. This feature works even in the absence of an internet connection;
  • Web Symptoms checker – This is a feature that basically lets you identify the root of whatever symptom(s) you have identified and possible ways via which you can manage your situation.
  • Personalization- This is a feature that lets you review information, save custom lists securely, and lastly create your own customs lists on drugs, articles, et al.

These are but some of the features that are available on this web medical directory, the question that the reader is no doubt asking is just how exactly they get to download this Medical Directory to their Android supported device, here is ho

A Guide To Registering:

  • Your first port of call should be the Google Play Shop Android Applications accessed via the following hyper link –;
  • On the main menu there is a link tagged categories click on it;
  • Under the categories branch there is a sub branch tagged Applications, click on it, click on the Medical link, and you will be ushered into all medical applications that are up for sale on this platform.;
  • Download the application – It is important to note that this is basically a free application (free in the sense that you will not be required to make any online purchases to acquire it).


It is important to note that this device will only work in the event that your phone or device is a supported device – you will need to down load the Google Play Store Application on your device. This application comes with useful customer reviews so you already have a feel of what it is you are purchasing. The application also occupies very limited memory size on your computer – typically less than 4 Mb. This is a resource that is accessed by close to 95 million people on a monthly basis and you cannot go wrong with that kind of numbers. Secure your health today.

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