Wendy’s Survey, Win GMC Sierra By Sharing Opinions

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When you are at here it is impossible for you to control yourself from eating and gobbling up your favorite food. It is most of the time considered that it is a place where you get under an eating spell due to which a customer is unable to stop eating. This compliment represents the unique taste and serving style of which is simply classical just like a 90’s restaurant providing the customers with good burgers and fast food. The restaurant keeps on launching various schemes in order to get the increase in the customer ratio. The recent scheme is the Wendy’s ultimate college football tailgate survey.

How To Win?

  • Initially the participant must be a customer of this store.
  • Secondly it is essential that the participant must get the invitation card to the survey or the receipt of his bill must be having the code to enter the survey. The code will be compromising on 10 digits.
  • Visit the www.wendys.com/tailgate in order to get to the survey page.
  • You will have to provide your E-MAIL ADDRESS along with the code in the survey section once you have guided yourself to it by following the guided instructions.
  • Now if the email you provided in valid then your survey page will provide you access to the questions of the survey after checking that your CODE is authenticate.
  • Now provide the answers to the survey questions and make sure that you are answering them honestly.
  • Once you are done then you will automatically be entered in to the winning scheme of college football tailgate survey where you can win lots and lots of prizes but don’t forget to submit the survey after filling it.


Now the Its customers not only have the chance to convey their views to company administration but while doing so they can also win a trip to a college football match or a fantastic tailgate along with a fantastic GMC Sierra. Apart from the above mentioned grand prizes they can also get various cash prizes and tokens.

About Company:

It was founded on November 15th in the year of 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The headquarters are now in Dublin, Ohio, United States. There are about 6650 stores in total in its chain. Their area served is world wide.

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