Wendy’s Dip And Squeeze Promotion Putting Up $1000

Through the different promotion offers the companies attract many of the customers towards it and make a good progress. They need to develop their trust among the people to have a stable position in the market. Through these offers you may get some cash or surprise gifts from the company. How would you feel when you go to a store and get a surprise gift then you suddenly remember that it is the gift of that promotion offer. It makes you happy and cheerful. The customers have the ability to look over these promotions offers over internet. The official website of the company is for the ease of customers so they do not have to do some effort in going to the store in person and take all the details which would be proved some hectic work.

Visit the site and the rest is very easy. To guide you the easiest way this guide is given. Follow it if you are interested in getting any kind of gift or cash prize.


  • In the address bar type the following URL www.wendys.com/win .
  • There is an option “games”, go to it and find out the link “instant win games”.
  • At there you are given your promotion period.
  • View your period of promotion and if it is left then go to play games.
  • After playing all the games, go to see the promotion that are the latest ones.
  • Have a look over all of the promotions.
  • Apply for these promotions as you like.
  • To apply you would need to provide your information.
  • To submit your details hit the “finish” button.


After applying for the promotions you have to wait a little and you can get many cash prizes as well as many other gifts. You can be the win any day, do not stop checking your luck and play the game hoping that you are going to be the winner of this game and you definitely will get the prize. It has many advantages as you can get money along with a lot of fun.

About Company:

In the United States the chain of restaurant is familiar with the name Wendy’s Dip and Squeeze. Its specialty is their burgers and they offer at reasonable price to its customers.

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