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Whataburger is a fast food restaurant chain which specializes in hamburgers and is privately held. The company was founded in 1950 at Corpus Christi Texas by Harmon Dobson.  Its head quarter is now in San Antonio and it serves Fast food, including hamburgers, French, and signature breakfast offerings. It has about 700 locations in the region of Southern United States. The smallest version of WhataBurger is the What a Burger .Jr. along with just a burger. It also has breakfast services and a remarkable menu. It has more than 700 outlets plus it also has the 60 years of experience. It makes fresh sandwiches and burgers with American beef.

Why Are The Whataburger Conducting A Survey?

The WhataBurger has a very strong experience in the business and they know that valuing your customer will give them an increase in the customer’s ratio. To know the consumer feedback the survey is conducted so that new improvements and innovations can be made to make the improvements in the services.

What Is The Prize Of Taking Part In The Survey?

To create the attraction for participating in the survey the WhataBurger has linked the prize with the survey that whoever will take part in the survey will get a free large fry and a free large coke. With this deal more and more customers will take part in the survey and the results evaluated with the survey will be positive.

What Is The Method To Take Part In Whataburger Survey?


1-      You need to have a computer and an internet connection.

2-      You need to have a receipt from WhataBurger after your visit.

3-      You need to apply for your survey within three days of your visit to the Whataburger.


1-      Visit your nearest Whataburger restaurant and dine in.

2-      Don’t throw away the receipt after paying your bill.

3-      Click on and you will be taken to the survey page.

4-      You must go to this site within three days of your visit to the WhataBurger.

5-      Enter the 16-digit survey code which will be printed on the receipt.

6-      Now click on “Start” to start the survey.

7-      Answer the questions honestly and complete the survey.

8-      Once you have completed the survey you will be granted a validation code.

9-      Note down the validation code on your receipt and then take this receipt to your nearest WhataBurger restaurant.

10-  Enjoy the Large Fry and the Large Drink from WhataBurger.


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  • June 17, 2018


    Just had the avocado-bacon burger, medium fries. Worst meal I have ever had at a whataburger- cold fries, dry hamburger spot of avocado burnt Texas toast, horrible.

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