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WINCO Foods LLC, Grocery shopping is the top of the list in monthly budget for every household. It is a task that is tiring, boring, repetitive but a MUST DO for everyone. Someone just told me the other day are you in for some free groceries this year? And I was extremely engaged as the term Free Groceries was really catchy I was told Wincofoods is offering the free groceries as a 25$ gift card. Since I’m a mother of four I hurried home and logged in their website but was disappointed to see that the cards are being given under one card per household per year policy, that too if you only win the sweepstakes .


Entry to sweepstakes can be made through coupon or through internet survey. Now how to take the survey .Here is a little step wise guide on that matter.

Now why would they want us to give answers to some seemingly useless set of questions and then reward us with a chance to win free groceries for our house through a gift card? Well here is the deal, The Company is eager to know how customers see its offering. See in business customer perception is everything. So, provide your feedback to Wincofoods survey and they might reward you with a twenty five gift cads of 500USD each. Wincofoods sweepstakes have quarterly drawing for the gift card.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to  and hit I agree to the term and conditions button.
  2. Now type in the 4 digit long store number and the 16 digit long user code from your receipt
  3. Answer all the questions it will not take more than 10 minutes.
  4. DO NOT use browser buttons to move back instead use the form navigation buttons?
  5. Don’t forget to click Submit before December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm. The sweepstakes end on December 31, 2012 before midnight   so for internet entries through survey form, the server records time at the click of Submit button

Eligibility For Sweepstakes

Now done with the survey form let me tell you something on how sweepstakes will work. Means how simmers will be picked. The sweepstake rules (official rules) say that;

  1. All US residents over eighteen years of age are eligible. Now for states where legal age is 21 this could be a little confusing but if it say 18 then you better be 18 for sweepstake eligibility. Subsequent discovery of less than legal age of entrants will disqualify the entry.
  2. Entries by non US residents will be disqualified
  3. Entries by employees of Wincofoods, LLC will also be disqualified.

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