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To manage the whole nation is the duty of the particular government of state. And for that they should have stable and sound financial resources to maintain a stability of a nation. Therefore   government uses different revenues and steps to support the whole nation in terms of various fields of daily life. To pay tax is also the system of revenue that has to be pay on time. This system is imposed by the government of particular state to increase the stability of the nation. The Government also works on this policy and mainly focus on the business owners to pay their taxes. Company has imposed sales tax on different purchases or purchasers. If any individual is going to start a new business then he has to file his business in that department and then pays their taxes on certain amount even his business is running on small account. The government provides online service to the individuals to their online account.

How To File?

  • To avail the online service click on this given link that is “”.
  • This website link will take you to the home page of the department, where you will see the whole page is full of various kinds of information. From that you will find the option of “File Pay Sale and other taxes”. Click on this option.
  • This option will navigate you on the new page. In the center of the page three options were given and you will click on the option of “sale taxes” which is the first option of the page given on the right side of the page.
  • If you are not registered on their page then firstly register yourself for the log in process.
  • For registration process, you will provide all your personal data like username, password, e-mail address, full name and telephone number.
  • After that click on the option of continue. With the help of registration you will be able to make the sign up account. And through the sign up account you will be able to file your business.


This service provides 24 hours service to pay the taxes with their online service. The registration process is also quite easy and simple. You just have to follow the above mentioned steps and then you will be able to file your new business on their account. This service also offers best customer service to their customers.

About Company:

This Texas agency was founded in 2006 and its office was created by the Texas provincial government in 1835. This agency deals with the payment of taxes and also with the registration process for residency and property.

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