Enroll To Work In Texas For Employer Account

If you are an employer in Texas then you can get lots of benefits by creating online account as an employer with the website of Work in Texas. You can create your account very easily and deal with it through the internet. For creating the account you need to follow few simple steps.


In order to create your account as an employer n the website of Work in Texas you must have:

  • Your TWC number or your FEIN number.
  • You must be a legal resident of Texas.


  • Access the web page as mentioned by this link as given. www.workintexas.com  After getting the resulted page, you can get the employer registration process which is conducted online, you will have to select the option having the title of “Employer registration”.
  • After clicking you will get the page to give requirement. First of all you will be given the employer agreement so tat you must have to agree this and give its conformation by accepting it.
  • Click on the “I Accept” button below. At the next page you will be required to enter your TWC Tax Account Number in the given first field. This will be issued to you by the company. In the field given below, enter your FEIN number. This will also be informed to you on the behalf of the company.
  • After entering both of these number correctly, click on the continue button below. After wards you will be instructed to complete the registration process by entering some more information requited to the company.
  • Complete the steps accordingly and have the registration for employer account.


  • You will be notified about your account through your contact numbers and e-mail.
  • You must read all the details very carefully especially the terms and condition of use.


  • You can manage your employer account very easily.
  • The online access lets you deal with your problems and directly contact the authorities.
  • You get a platform where all the workers can deal and interact.

About Company:

Work in Texas is the official Texas website for the employers of Texas in every department. They can easily gather over there and fix their problems. They can stay updated to all the job related news and interact easily.

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