Yahoo Canada Allows You To Access Emails At Mobile

Cell phones are nowadays the devices through which you are carrying the world with you. The smart phones have made it possible for you to do anything you like from anywhere you want to. the latest technologies and software’s have made sure that their program is also available for the Smartphone’s or cell phones since that is the symbol of latest technology nowadays.

How To Use?

  • Access the site by using this url .
  • Go to the “All Services” tab and click on “All Mobile Services”.
  • You will have to provide your cell number.
  • A mail will be sent on your cell phone in which their will be a link from where you can download  for my Phone software.
  • Install the app and you will start getting the notifications.
  • You can also get these notifications in form of texts.
  • You can directly open from your phone and install the software.
  • Once you have got the software on your cell phone then you can enjoy the latest phone app by this site to make your life more easy and fun filled.
  • There is no limitation to which phone you are having because you can install the application by choosing the one which is for your phone.


  • You will be able to check your mail from anywhere you want to and at anytime.
  • You will also be able to get all the notifications on your cell phone.
  • You will be connected to your online friends all the time by receiving their messages anytime and instantly.

About Company:

It was founded in the year of 1995 on first of March. The headquarters are present in Sunnyvale, California, United States. The corporation is multinational in nature in the internet field. It is famous for its Yahoo Search and Messenger along with its various other attractive and useful services. There is News, Finance, Groups,  Answers,  Mapping,  Sports and many others along with Cooking services. The rate of user attraction ratio is increasing day by day and has reached to attracting half a billion of consumers per month. The users are using it in more than 30 languages.

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