How To Get Yahoo Answer Highest Level

To say that the online world is one big library would be an understatement. The online world has opened up; an entirely new vista to the extent that individuals get to have all manner of answers to issues that might plague them. The questions, as well as the answers range from the mundane to those that are complex in nature.

With regard to Yahoo answers, there are often a number of questions that are usually raised, the most pertinent however seems to be the following: How to get yahoo answer highest level? That is the question that this article will dwell on.

The truth of the matter is that the politics that goes into the ranking of top contributors is somewhat esoteric. In other words, it is a science or an art that is known to a very few people. Mark you, the few people who are in the light know how to kiss and tell, which essentially means one thing: the populace basically has to try out a number of strategies to see what works for them, and what does not work for them.

In line with the format that is used to give Yahoo answers on just what works, and what does not work , the article will lay out some strategies  – in order of credibility – that have been rumored to get a best answer thumbs up sign. For more information on this click on!-Answers-Top-Contributor

  • The first strategy is to amass at-least 10 % points in the best answers category in your field of specialty. If you get to the magic number of ten, then you are likely to have a Top Contributor badge going in your direction;
  • The second strategy involves you frequently contributing to a given category. Frequent contributions demanded from a contributor, and the term of contribution is measured in spans of some thirty days;
  • The third strategy involves you opting for the quality as opposed to the quantity route. The quantity route – which means that you essentially answer as many questions as you deem possible  – always yields to the quality question that demands that you give an answer that is fitting in both form and substance. Remember that if you have to choose between quality and quantity, opt for the former.

There are certain things that you do not do in your quest to acquire the Top contributor badge – copy and paste articles from another site; and /or open a Yahoo account, ask a question, and then tag the answer that you give in your own account as best(sic).  Regardless of how your journey to the top contributor spot pans out, you should never lose sight of the fact that your answers should be about aiding people who are in need of information, contributing to the already existing knowledge out there, and sharpening your intellect. Getting the Top contributor post is grand, but do not lose sight of mentioned reasons for participating in a Yahoo answers forum. With that you can be sure to get to the highest level.

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